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Infrared heaters ADRIAN® represent the very top class of heating solutions for industrial and other large volume premises. Our gas fired hot air units and hot air generators are the perfect choice when it comes to hot air heating. In order to offer serious complexity of energy systems solutions we added to our range door curtains and destratificators. These technologies give enormous potential of additional energy savings to any end user. Besides, we offer hydronic gas boilers of premium quality with supreme features and benefits, and, nevertheless, gas convectors for smaller spaces and objects. In the case the use of gas is not the best option for you, check out our hot water units or products for electric heating.

Shall you be interested in heating other large volume objects, take a look at our Agro category.

ADRIAN® brand includes solutions for cooling, too. Evaporative cooling is an excellent choice to bring down the inside temperature in summer without use of any Freon nor cooling liquids based technologies. In the case you are looking for solution for all-year-round use, check out our rooftop or hot air gas fired unit combined with heat pump.

ADRIAN GROUP s. r. o. stands for research and innovation. We offer our own range of control system solutions for total energy management to bring consumption under your direct control and create additional potential for further energy savings.

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Take care of your cooler, it will reward you with efficiency


Evaporative cooler ADRIAN-AIR® EV18 takes in fresh outside air with all its content. Dust, dirt, insect etc. Together with water inside it can cause some serious mess. See our pictures from cleaning mission on installation.



ADRIAN GROUP cools only with high efficiency


There is new cooling system installed in our premises. Highly efficient evaporative technology to cool the air the natural way freon-free is just what we needed...


New cooling unit


Do you need to cool economically and efficiently? Do you believe evaporation is the best choice for you? Do you need less power or smaller air flow? Excellent! Following your inquiries we have added mobile cooling evaporative unit ADRIAN-AIR® EV 8000 into our range.


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