ADRIAN-AIR® SET is multi-purpose hot-air unit for heating of industrial premises with large air exchange.

ADRIAN-AIR® SET is a unit designed to be used in industrial environments, where technology produces serious indoor air pollution (harmful vapors, fumes, dust, etc.). Unique burner produces low CO and CO2 values, therefore even with direct air combustion it is possible to blow such warm air directly into the heated space and replace extracted polluted air inside the premises. Product range includes models with power varying from 225 to 900 kW and air flow from 15,000 to 59,000 m3/hr.

ADRIAN-AIR® SET meets the following criteria:

  • very easy to use and maintain
  • significantly economic operation
  • remarkably high efficiency
  • modern design and ergonomics

Examples of application:

  • surfacing
  • electroplating
  • foundry
  • spray boxes and workshops
  • any premises in general where large air exchange is a must

No boiler house, special technical space nor chimney is necessary for installation of ADRIAN-AIR® SET. High efficiency filters are applied on the air inlet. The unit includes control automatic.

Natural gas or propane can be used as fuel for heating.