Textile air ducts


In ADRIAN GROUP we always follow demands of our partners and customers. Hot air heating systems are obviously not the same as radiant ones. There are big differences in preparation phase when identifying most suitable technical solution as well as in project designing. Not mentioning the installation or maintenance. Especially when it comes to heating based on indirect air blowing. Air ducts is a special category requiring as much attention as heating itself. These two topics literary effect each other. Suitable heating must be in accord with available ducts or on contrary perfect ducts solution must suit proposed heating system. Final solution should seek a perfect harmony between them. 

There are many solutions out there on the market. Using textile ducts gives you extra flexibility in finding the right design and more importantly it is cost effective.

Check out the price of standard accessories, transport costs, time to install it, great risk of providing optimal air flow not mentioning high costs of cleaning and maintaining metal ducts etc. Analysing these attributes fabric ducts win in every one of them. Total costs savings can climb up to 70 % easily!

Washing fabric ducts and eventually disinfecting them will give you 100 % clean and germ free duct ready to be used again. Such guarantee does not exist with metal made duct systems. Even when spending great amount of finances on cleaning and sanitation the result will never be perfect. Technical difficulties one must overcome to attempt to achieve 100 % result are many.

Fabric ducts and accessories are environmentally friendly because of lower energy consumption during their production, transport and installation. There are accessories made of recycled material only available in our range as well. They are produced out of used PET bottles that would be disposed otherwise.

Location and design of air outlets is up to you. Various solutions are out there to enable customized solutions. This way you can precisely distribute the exact amount of air at specific velocity starting from „no air movement distribution“ all the way to directed air blowing!

Large scale of colours and shapes adds to already wide range to suit any interior and designer. Therefore you can apply them in many large volume objects other than industrial ones. Find them in exposition centres, showrooms, sport halls etc.

Even though metal air ducts offer great flexibility with many of their accessories textile ducts really stand for customized individual solutions. We decided to install our ADRIAN GROUP made hot air central unit ADRIAN-AIR® MID in our premises in combination with fabric air duct system. This way any visitor can see it live in real operation and check out all the possibilities this solution offers.

For more information on textile ducts or more do not hesitate and contact us here or visit us in our premises and see it all live.