Troubled by hot weather? Use all the possibilities with ADRIAN®

Summer is in full swing and high temperatures are already complicating our lives, especially during working/office hours. Make sure you know all the options concerning how to cool down your work place with ADRIAN®. Cooling and ventilation can be ensured through ADRIAN-AIR® EV, which is ecological with low initial and operating costs.  Another way to use your water system is ADRIAN-AIR® TEM. By using the condensation collector, you have a unit which cools and heats all year round. If you do not have a cold source anymore, you can at least use the option to ventilate your premises especially during morning and evening hours, when the temperature usually decreases. Turn on your ADRIAN-AIR® AR to its ventilation regime and use natural cool to your advantage. Or ADRIAN-AIR® AD, an under-ceiling installation. Use the regulation system in automatic mode to take care of the heat in your absence. For air mixing it is not only the destratificator you can use, but also the door curtain! We offer a large variety of technical solutions. Just contact us and use our services.