Monoblock holds burner and fan chamber, recuperation of heat and combustion fumes recycling

Combustion fumes recycling

  • very low emissions
  • environmentally friendly operation

Burner case construction enables partial use of combustion fumes again. With average surface temperature of radiant tubes varying around 400 °C very low emission values are there to be achieved.

Heat recuperation

  • high thermal efficiency
  • energy consumption economies in operation

Highly efficient combustion is possible when the air on intake for burning is pre heated. Radiant tubes quickly heat up onto the working temperature and the time of heater operation shortens. These factors result in reduction of overall heating costs.

Infrared heater safety modification IP54

This technical modification for infrared heater ADRIAN-RAD® E allows its application into premises rated dangerous due to presence of combustible dusts. Application includes use of insulated reflector, intake of air for combustion from exterior and combustion fumes exhaust into exterior.